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           My name is Jacki Szimanski, and I am a fully trained:

• Certified Personal Trainer
• Corrective Exercise Specialist
• Senior Fitness Specialist
• Precision Nutrition Specialist

Let's make our bodies the best that they can be.  


My focus is to help women achieve this through

balance and stability training to improve flexibility and strength.

I believe that strength is beautiful, that women should not be afraid

of lifting weights and a balanced exercise and nutrition program

will benefit you in all areas of your life.

Now Offering

Nutritional  Counseling by Phone

Specializing in:

  • Weight Loss & Nutrition Counseling

  • Core Work

  • Strength and Flexibility Training

  • Balance and Stability Training

  • Cardio

  • Gluten-free Living

  • Health Workshops

  • Over 50 Fitness

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