Jacki Szimanski

• Certified Personal Trainer

• Precision Nutritionist

 • Corrective Exercise Specialist

• Senior Fitness Specialist

Jacki Szimanski, Certified Personal Trainer

What About You?

If you know that you want to start exercising and eating well, but need motivation to stick with it…call Jacki

If you workout occasionally and you want to find a way to be more consistent…call Jacki

If your current exercise program has you at a “weight plateau,” and you need to break through it…call Jacki

Together we will find the best balance of exercise and nutrition that works for you.  I will not only get you started in an efficient workout program, but also help you develop the tools to make it a realistic and successful part of your life.

Feeling good is not just about the number on the scale.  Food and exercise work hand-in-hand to elevate your energy levels, improve your mood and raise your spirits. I will teach you the importance of embracing the combination of nutritious food and consistent exercise.