Jacki Szimanski

• Certified Personal Trainer

• Precision Nutritionist

 • Corrective Exercise Specialist

• Senior Fitness Specialist

Jacki Szimanski, Certified Personal Trainer


• Nutrition review

• Diet evaluation
• Weight-control guidance
• Goal-setting

• Meal strategies (including eating-on-the-go)

• Cupboard (and fridge) declutter
• Grocery safari (Road trip!)

• Information sessions - Your food questions.
• Jacki’s Check-ins


• At home, office, local park or running track

• Fitness review
• Health goal setting
• Fitness roadmap
• In-person workout sessions

• Health homework
• Monthly reevaluations
• Jacki’s Check-ins


I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Specialist,

Corrective Exercise Specialist and Senior Fitness Specialist

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