~ Strength and Flexibility Training

~ Weight Loss & Nutrition Counseling

~ At-Home Training 

~ Core Work

~ Balance and Stability Training

~ Run Training  

~ Gluten-free Living

 Please know that I am also a Senior Fitness Specialist for women 50 years and older. 

Jacki Szimanski

• Certified Personal Trainer

• Precision Nutritionist

 • Corrective Exercise Specialist

• Senior Fitness Specialist

Welcome to Be Well Fitness.

Specializing in:

Jacki Szimanski, Certified Personal Trainer

My name is Jacki Szimanski, and I am a fully trained:

• Certified Personal Trainer

• Corrective Exercise Specialist

• Senior Fitness Specialist

• Precision Nutrition Specialist

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You could say I help people become healthier

and more fit -- inside and out.

I feel it is our responsibility to make our bodies the best that they can be.  My focus is to help women achieve this through balance and stability training

to improve flexibility and strength.

I believe that strength is beautiful, that women should not be afraid of lifting weights, and a balanced exercise and nutrition program will benefit you

in all areas of your life.

Embrace your health!​

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